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Rainbow Serpent 
Folk Herbalism
Durham, Ontario

Join us for 5 nourishing weekends

from April until September.

Meet the plants in person and make folk medicines.

Create your own apothecary or

enhance your present one.

Make a rattle, clay beads, and learn the

basics of Eco plant dyeing.

        This mentorship is for personal healing and connection to plant spirits & elemental beings.

Each day will start with an opening circle and land acknowledgment. All voices will be heard.

9:15- 9:45 will be time to play musical instruments by the fire and enjoy a local herbal tea.

Every day you will have time in the forest, experience guided plant spirit journeys,

and have time with the living plants.






~2023 Schedule~


April 28,29,30

May 27 & 28

June 24 & 25

July 22 & 23

September 16 & 17


  • Land acknowledgement.

  • You will make your own rattle from cedar wood and raw deer hide with Abby Fry of Coyote Tales.

  •  We will travel to Bancroft Ontario for our first weekend together.

  • Abby is a deer medicine woman and tender of many wild acres of land.

  • Experience the hand crafted sauna  with song circles.

  • Enjoy a guided journey with dogwood.


  • Plant Communication & elemental medicine

  • Make clay beads with Lara Eliot for offerings

  • Tinctures, teas, decoctions, infusions basics

  • Honey ceremony for the ancestors

  • Spring plant medicine harvest

  • Herbal vinegars

  • Smoke bath & ritual

  • Swamp medicine portals


  • Summer plant medicine harvest

  • Flower essences creation

  • Cedar bowl burning

  • Group gifting

  • Solstice community fire

  • Heart opening ceremony at a local waterfall & river


  • Visit to local Moon Lake sanctuary with Karl Backhaus. In the 1960's he started planting 50,000 trees, dug a lake, built his home from a log cabin book, and now it is home to a myriad of animals and plant species. Karl says he is 6 million years old. He feeds the birds from his hands, talks to the animals, and shares spring water with the community.

  • Water and stone communication & tree medicine

  • Bio dynamic vegetable & herb garden tour with Vitold. He has been a student of the garden since 1986. 


  • Autumn & winter plant medicine making

  • Eco plant dying with Rebecca

  • Asters the stars on earth

  • Honey Ceremony for the ancestors

  • Community service planning

Mushrooms Ontario Forest Healing
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Reishi Mushroom / Ontario / Herbalism School / Plant Medicine / Mentorship / Plant Medicine / Canada
Reishi Mushroom / Ontario / Herbalism School / Plant Medicine / Mentorship / Plant Medicine / Canada / Basketry /Homegrown

Energy Exchange Includes

Classes from 9:15am - 530pm.

A rustic outdoor kitchen is available to cook your dinners and breakfast.

A light vegetarian lunch is provided.

Camping on site Saturday nights.

If driving a distance you can also camp Friday night. Beds in the Greenwood are available for an additional fee.

Sliding scale price:

$2700- $4700 for the year.
Pay anything in this range.

This payment range makes this work

accessible to those with lower incomes.
Payment plans are an option

Two work trade spaces &  two $1000 scholarships have been taken for 2023.


A phone call will be your registration.

Please use the contact link to book a call.

​After registration: Once a $600 deposit is received you will receive 
a welcome letter & reading book list to help you prepare

for the classes.

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 2.04.26 PM.png



Mentorships are open to all genders. It is a safe place for LGBTQIA folks. We will work together to co-create a loving and healing space for everyone. Plants are amazing non-binary teachers.

The learning area is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.


Mosquitoes, deer flies, & wasps are present.

These insects are our teachers.

May Gaia bless them and teach us how to love them.

We will be walking on uneven terrain.


 "I never make decisions instantly, always needing to be certain of a choice. The minute and the moment I heard of your offering I was in. Thanks for the shelter, hospitality, openness, humour, connection, and offering your herbaceous self."

Tracey, Herbalist & owner of Anarres Apothecary 

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Join us for 2023 Rainbow Serpent Folk Herbalism

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