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House Clearing

House in the Woods

Does your house need a clearing?

*Does your home feel uncomfortable or off?
* Have you moved into a new home?
* Does a certain room feel strange?
* Do you feel the presence of the
unseen or a ghost?

If a few of these things are occurring
I can help shift the energy of your home.

House in the Woods

House clearing offering

*A session in person or distance.

I will clear your home with the assistance of sacred plant medicine from my Germanic Ancestors.

* You will receive a clear outline of how to keep your home clear after the unseen are removed.

*$400 CAD flat rate.

The unseen simply need to be heard.  They are trapped souls that need to go home. They are not be feared. I look forward

to helping you feel at peace in your home.

You deserve a calm home.

I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation.

Please use the contact link above to inquire.

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