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Welcome Home

2024 will celebrate 7 years of the Gaia Hive!

This Rainbow Serpent Folk Herbalism Mentorship is part of the manifestation of the prophecy where spiritual family meets and connect with fire, plants, waters, and all elemental beings. 


Together we remember how to be truly human in reciprocity to all beings.

I Julie Gaia am a mother, seed saver, dancer, star seed, animist, land tender, and plant spirit medicine carrier. My roots are Scandinavian, Celtic, and Germanic. 

I presently dwell  on the traditional lands of the Saugeen Ojibway Peoples. Each year I enjoy connecting with plant allies throughout Ontario. Many seasons I have spent traveling and working with plants medicines. Six months on the big island of Hawaii, several winters in Central America, and time in Germanic lands have helped ignite my passion for plants and practicing ancestral ways.

I'm passionate about speaking my truth, protecting the waters around and within us, weaving community together, creating with our hands, S L OW I N G down, plant spirit healing, caring for the land, herbalism, and plant spirit mentorships. All classes I offer are hands-on and heart based.

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How can one list all of their teachers?

Everyone you meet is your teacher.

Here are a few of my teachers

in no particular order.


Gaia - Mother Earth.

The plants & Psilocybin

UFSOL - The Universal free school of life

Ann Lanigan

Vandana Shiva

Stacy Tekonwanyahe:sen Hill

Pam Montgomery

Sage Maurer

Be Nadine

Sheri Fleischauer

Jolie Elan

In Spirit:


Juliette De Baircli Levi

2018 033.JPG

I send gratitude and thanks to my spiritual family for their unconditional love and support. My heart overflows with respect for my ancestors & the ancestors of this land. Whenever I need clarity & strength in my life I take some time to be still and rest in the forest. Here is a song I wrote fireside during the winter of 2019 to honour the ancestors from the past and for the future generations. This acknowledges the ancestors of this land and my own. It is for the furred, winged, two-legged, finned, insects, unseen, mountain, stone and tree people. Feel free to sing this song and make up your tune or rhythm.


As we gather on this land

Grounding down

Honing in

I open my hands (2x)


This is a safe space

This a sacred place


May all I do honour you

May all I do honour you


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