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ShinTaiHealing Arts

Michael, ShinTai Practitioner

  •   Nearly three decades of my life have been dedicated to learning, experiencing and sharing natural healing modalities. The last 15 years have included ShinTai. Translated, it means 'source body' or 'light body'. ShinTai is an evolving form of bodywork which incorporates among others, meridian, fascia, visceral and chakra technique. The use of which are determined through a combination of verbal feedback, intuitive touch and muscle testing. Together, these tools are used to assist the physical and vibrational layers of the body re-establish equilibrium and harmony.

  •   While living abroad in Germany, I had the opportunity to attend and graduate from the ShinTai Akademie Deutschland, founded by Veronika Mager. During my studies I was fortunate to work with many gifted bodyworkers and learn from different lineages of masters in the healing arts.

  •   A session includes an initial consultation to discuss any needs and areas of concern.      The hands-on  portion takes place clothed on a comfortable mat on the floor and is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration.

  •  Payment is determined using a sliding scale starting at $80 up to $150.

  • Location is near Hanover Ontario.

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